Revealed! – The Intimate, Innate, Unspoken Psychological Needs You MUST Satisfy (And the Ones to Avoid) to Have Any Chance of Getting Your Girlfriend Back!

Read Every Word of this Story & Discover How to Be The Person Your Ex Fell in Love With When You First Met...

From: Michael Griswold
Relationship Coach & Author

Dear friend,

You want your girlfriend back?

You miss her, you want her to feel for you like she used to, and you long to be able to undress and seduce her again.

Man, I know how you feel.

What if there was a fail proof system, based on the innate, subconscious, psychological needs of a woman to virtually guarantee that you could get her back?

What if this system was developed by a guy who had been dumped, made himself look like a begging fool, and lost his girl to another guy. But still got her back?

And what if this system is the same system every guy uses who is successful in getting his girlfriend back (whether he knows it or not).

While guys who don't use the system FAIL no matter how hard they try, how much they love, or how passionately they promise to change...

Well there is, and I was that guy.

My name is Michael Griswold, and if you do what I reveal to you in this letter, I GUARANTEE you will get her back.

Not only that, but she will be even more in love with you, respect you more and be more full of desire for you.

You Can Be "That Guy."

You know, the guy who, when all the chips were down, you were able to rise up, overcome the situation and come away as a victor, with your girl on your arm.

The guy that other guys look up to because they see how you were able to take a really tough punch in the gut and regroup, learn to fix it, and come out on the other side unscathed.

How can I guarantee this?

Because I've done it.

I've been that guy.

The girl I was crazy about dumped me.



And in the emptiness of her absence, I was left to pick up the pieces of my weary and broken heart.

I've felt those devastating emotions of loss, anger, jealousy, depression.

I've sat across from one of my best friends at lunch, unable to eat, only able to fill my plate with tears because of the sadness that was overflowing from my heart.

And I've watched the girl I adored go and start dating some other dude a week after we broke up.

And you know what?

I still got her back.

And in this letter I am going to tell you how I did it, how you can do it, and why you will look back on today, this very moment, as when everything changed.

The moment that you took control of a circumstance that feels like it controls you.

The moment you began to show yourself as the man you really are.

And, ultimately, the moment that changed the way your ex girlfriend feels about you.

But there is a catch…

You can't be a douchebag.

I help guys, good guys, to get themselves straight, start thinking and acting in ways that are attractive so they can get a girl they love back.

I don't help loser guys who only want to hurt, manipulate or control women.

I also don't help guys who only want to stroke their little egos and get their girlfriends back because they are too insecure to deal with being the one who is dumped.

You know what I'm talking about right?

You've seen guys who try and try to get their girlfriends back only so they can be the one who has the upper hand.


I'm not saying that any of us are perfect in our motivations, or that you need to be. I had all those feelings personally when I got dumped.

What I am saying is that those can't be the reasons for getting her back.


Okay, now that it's you and me, let's talk about how to get her back.

The Shocking Truth Your Ex Would
Almost Never Admit

Unless you dated for, I don't know, a week or something, there's a dirty little secret your ex girlfriend is probably keeping from you.

She's going out, maybe going out with other guys, maybe with just friends.

But that's not the secret.

"She misses you like crazy"

Unless your girlfriend is extremely self-aware, confident and poised, she most likely won't admit this to you.

(By the way, if she has admitted it, then get my course now and start doing everything it says- that girl is worth fighting for until kingdom come.)

It just takes too much honesty, openness and downright vulnerability to admit after a breakup, especially if it was emotional.

But here's the reality:

Did you ever see the movie, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?"

In it Jim Carry and Kate Winslet are dating.

But they breakup.

And the pain of the breakup is so painful, they each attempt to get their memories of the other "erased" so they can move on with their lives.

Now here's the funny thing: in the movie she breaks up with him.

Guess who tried to erase the memory first?


The point is this- those memories your girlfriend has for you don't disappear. They can't be erased. And you can be sure she remembers them (and misses you because of them) just as much as you.

Why Isn't She Coming Back?

Because you aren't acting like the guy she fell in love with anymore.

You used to be a certain way.

You felt confident.

You showed you were strong.

And because of that, she could trust you.


How have you acted recently? If you're like most guys in this situation, (if you're like I was), you aren't acting those ways anymore.

Maybe you're don't want to see her.

Maybe you're devastated.

Maybe you're pissed.

All totally understandable. But they won't help you to get her back.

Which is why…

If you get nothing else from our time together, get this…

One Technique That Will Literally Transform The
Response You Get From Your Ex... Instantly!

Before I go on, I'm going to share something that will dramatically increase your chances of success with getting your ex girlfriend back:

If you listen, focus and USE the technique I'm about to share you will see AMAZING results.

Why am I going to share this technique that took me so long to figure out for myself?

Because I want you to see for yourself that just one step can make a huge difference from where you are now to where you want be.

And I want you to hear the response you get, and feel for yourself that you can LEARN to get your girlfriend back and make your relationship 100 times better than it was before (I also want you to invest in my get your girlfriend back course, but that's another story…)

Be okay with losing her.

Yes, be okay with losing her. And let her know you are in a way she will believe. Then, she begins to worry about losing you.

Have you ever known an addict?

Doesn't matter what they're addicted to.

Booze, coke, even a nintendo Wii :)

Those people do not WANT their booze, crack or nintendo Wii.

They NEED it.

And that leads them to act in all sorts of unattractive, irrational, and sometimes embarrassing ways.

Here's something you might not have known: breakups can (and often do) create the same situations in your brain as a withdrawal from a drug addiction.

To make it worse, women have remarkable intuitions. They can sense from 1000 miles away when you are acting out of strength or weakness. They can tell if you feel confident, or if you feel like you're acting on a wing and a prayer.

In fact, your girlfriend can FEEL whether you want her or you need her.

When you feel like you need her, (and act like that) which one do you think she notices?

She does, and it pushes her away.

So this is WHY you show her you're okay with losing her:

By being okay with losing her, not needing her, you prove yourself strong enough to win her.

Okay, But How Do I DO It?

There's a very simple way to turn the tides of the power struggle of a breakup.

To prove to her (instead of telling her) that you are strong and that you don't need her.

Even more, it gives her the chance to miss you, experience the feeling of loss that is eating you up and, most important, gives you the chance to earn her respect again.

But I have to warn you.

This will take brass balls.

You might not think you can do it.

You might think it's too hard.

You might want to keep trying to convince her you love her, that you'll change and that no one will love her like you do.

If that's the case, you can choose not to. You can continue trying to get her back your way (and join the thousands of guys who watch their girls find some other guy who was strong enough to earn her trust, respect and love).

But if you're willing to exert a little courage, here's what to do:

Call her up. Tell her this.

Don't deviate. Don't ad-lib. Read from this page if you need to:

"Hey (her name), it's (your name). I've been doing some thinking and I've realized you're right. I'm embarrassed by and ashamed of some of the things I've said and done, and I want you to know that I'm going to use this situation to make myself a better man. Bye"

This will be money if you use it.

If she answers, it doesn't matter. You just say, "Hey, I've only got a second. I didn't expect you to answer. And then you read the script above.

Then you get off the phone. At all costs.

Tell her you're bleeding to death and need to call 911 if that's what it takes.

Just get off the phone.

For that, you must do something that’s both SIMPLE… and “counter-intuitive”.

By counter-intuitive, I mean that you must do something that you’d probably never think of… and you’d never stumble on by accident… because it almost doesn’t make sense.

See, in the absence of your presence she gets to remember the you she loved.

It would take a book in itself to tell you the remarkable power of this. But let me sum it up:

She gets to think about all the great things that attracted her to you.

The strong, confident and self-assured you.

And the most powerful:

She gets to wonder if she made a mistake.

And as long as you do what I'm telling you, that will linger in her mind like a splinter in her brain.

That alone won't be enough to save your relationship. As you can see, it will definitely begin drawing her back to you.

But to truly get her back it will take more than just that.

I've put together a training course that catalogues the entire process, step by step so that you can be sure to get every part just right.

It also includes some amazing "big picture" techniques that help you to get your head straight, feel more confident and act with greater purpose.

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn in this guaranteed training:

Now listen, you've undoubtedly tried other methods to get her back, right?

Maybe you've tried sending flowers?

Taking her for a drink?



Maybe you've paid to talk to a counselor?

After any of those attempts, were you able to go back to the florist, bar, restaurant, or coffee shop and get your money back?

Well, with this fail-proof system, you don't have to spin your wheels trying to "figure it out" on your own anymore.

The fact is that this system is so bullet-proof, so sure to work that I'm willing to offer you every penny back if your girlfriend doesn't come running back to you.

Here's How You'll Learn The Secrets of Seduction to Get Your Girlfriend Back:

“Making Up Made Easy” ebook (consist of 44 pages eBook) - This is THE No-fluff Straightforward, everything you need to know guide to getting your girl back. It's been stripped of all bs, all tactics that don't work and all meaningless garbage. It's the real deal. If you take just the strategies and secrets in this guide, and apply them, your girl can't help but want you back.

Plus, if you order today, you'll also get immediate access to these over-the-top bonus items that will make you so sure to get your girl back that after you go through them, you'll have no doubt either:

  1. “What To Do If You See Your Ex Out With Someone Else” bonus guide - If you see your girl out and she's with someone new, you can really use this to your advantage... if you know how. But, if you don't know exactly what to do (and how to pull it off, you'll be headed for a downward spiral that won't ever stop.

  2. Live Recorded Relationship Trouble Q&A - This is awesome. I did a LIVE Q&A with over 100 of my subscribers and customers and we covered every topic you can think of. The recording lasted for more than an hour. I've heard over and over again how this one call has changed people's lives.

  3. Audio version of the ebook - As an added bonus, I recorded an audio version of the book goes way deeper into the psychology and motivation, along with some incredible exercises that will transform the way you think and act to catapult you back to the "YOU" she fell in love with.

  4. Access to full video library collection - Seen some videos on youtube? You ain't seen nothin yet. I've got a collection of over 70 videos that covers every topic from communication to sex to trust and everything else.

How long do you think it will take for your girlfriend to come back on her own?

How much time will it cost YOU, worrying, feeling jealous, confused and hurt?

How much money do you think you'll spend, blindly stabbing in the dark for methods, tricks, and strategies that you "HOPE" will work?

Now, what if you simply decided to give this course a shot?

And what if it worked for you, like it has for countless others?

What if you could look back on this day as the day you "figured it out"; and had her falling in love with you again?

If you love her, and want her back, you've probably been pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to get her back.

And now, you don't have to do that anymore.

Since the course is guaranteed to work, it really just comes down to this:

How much is your girlfriend worth to you?

If you guys were still together, would you take her to dinner? A movie? Get a couple drinks?

If you would do that when you are together, how much more would you do to prove to her that she means everything to you?

Now, to download this training course, which will undoubtedly change the entire course of your love life, all you have to do is click on the button below.

It will be delivered to you immediately by download so you don't have to wait any longer to start putting the system into practice.

Get Your Copy Now For Only


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As you order, don't forget what you will discover:

Dude, how exciting to be able to figure all this out from your own home.

How sweet to figure it out by using someone else's excruciating experience.

How simple to follow the steps and see your girl want you more than ever.

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One last thing:

After you've put the system to use, email me and let me know how awesome you feel.

Let me know how it feels to have your confidence back, your swagger back, and most of all, let me know how it feels to have HER back.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Michael Griswold

P.S. Oh, by the way, you can still get her back. You just have to know what to do and what not to do. The difference is slight, but has enormously different effects. What would it be like to have her back with you and be able to pat yourself on the back for not giving up? For fighting for the girl you love? Wouldn't that make you feel incredibly proud of yourself? And won't it feel awesome to kiss her lips again?

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